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My first contact with Maala A Jhaam was dictated out of pure curiosity. I read in the magazine about Rebirth technique and other holistic approaches to life, here we go, I called her and arranged an appointment with her.
Thanks to her now I became a healer myself. She taught me Reiki, Australian bush flower remedies , continuum movement, different meditations and Jin Shin Jyutsu.
I learned how to stay calm with control of my breath. I changed my perspective of life and feel much happier .
I am happy I met her and thank her for all she did to open new window in my life.



After participating in a Jin Shin Jyutsu workshop I learned many simple and effective ways to re-balance the body and mind during even the busy and challenging of days.

With time constraints being a real challenge for me, it was perfect to find that many of the principles can be used at work, whilst watching TV and even at the gym!

Maala A Jhaam made the training sessions very interesting and easy to understand, and by using experiential training methods, I found I was able to immediately put my learning's to good use.

A great experience and one that I would highly recommend anyone operating in a dynamic environment to embark upon.

Darryl Peacock
Regional Brand Manager

There is only one phrase that can sum up Maala A Jhaam and the wonderful services which she offers, and it is?LIFE-CHANGING!

I first arrived at Maala A Jhaam's home filled with feelings of anger, frustration, confusion & sadness and felt more than a little lost in where my life's journey was headed.

Maala A Jhaam has since been there as my teacher, healer and friend and as such has guided and helped me to somersault my life to a place that I thought would not be possible.

I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to re-align their lives to that which was intended for them, to call Maala A Jhaam without delay and begin a truly life-changing journey.

Rachel Jones,
Training Manager

I underwent CRANIO SACRAL THERAPY, given by Mrs.Maala A Jhaam.

Prior to the healing, I had sustained an injury to the leg, which left me with a painful legament tear and inflammation .After the healing I discovered the pain in my leg abated. The treatment also brought about a reduce in fatigue,eliminated my stomach acidity problems, controlled my sugar levels and caused my snoring to cease.

The positive effects of this healing were not just confined to physical aspects of my health, but ameliorated several mental and psychological issues of mine as well. I expereienced a reduction in irritability, as well as my anger.I also started feeling more calm in my mind. Overall, the treatment made me feel "light" and improved my overall well being.

I am immensely grateful to Maala A Jhaam for the amazing transformation she has brought into my life through her healing.


Maala A Jhaam is a great teacher and an amazing friend. Thank you for bringing color into my life.

Abeer Hamadah,MD


I have visited Maala A Jhaam on several occasions. Once to understand more about continuum and once for cranial sessions. Maala A Jhaam is a great practitioner with a gentle cranio-sacral touch and a great continuum teacher . Thank you Maala A Jhaam

Certified Rolfer,
Rolfing Movement practitioner. Kuwait,

We happened to know about Maala A Jhaam when we wanted to learn about alternate therapies. She is a gifted practitioner and taught me and my husband about Jin Shin Jystu and ontinnuum movement. My experience is something which I cannot describe in words but there was major shift in me from within and I could experience it in my day to day activities. We feel really fortunate for having met Maala A Jhaam as she is a wonderful teacher and a nice human being. She is someone whom we can go to when we need any help regarding mind and body. We love you for the wonderful experiences we have had with you in this short time.

Love, Varsha and Sudheer


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