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Therapeutic Breathwork :

Re birthing is a process by which you get in touch with Divine Spirit through the breath. Conscious breathing is a physical, mental and spiritual experience. It is patterned breathing that leads on a path to self-awareness of the Life Force. Re birthing is a healing process that engages with the mind, the body and the spirit to cleanse away toxic patterns of being and facilitate new, healthy and fulfilling goals and choices. The core practice of Re birthing is a breathing technique; the core metaphor is the rebirth of the personality through the integration of suppressed experience.

Re birthing can bring peace, serenity, reduction of stress, relaxation, revitalization, increased energy, & expanded self-awareness.
Re birthing is a breathing technique using 'conscious connected breathing', positive affirmations, and the power of thought.
Originally developed by Leonard Orr, the breathing technique has evolved and spread throughout the world.

Re birthing sessions with a Practitioner aim 'to facilitate positive change through working with the breath and taking responsibility for thoughts, feelings and actions.' The sessions will help to 'identify birth trauma, family patterns, inherited attitudes and specific negative thoughts.'

The Practitioner aims to 'support the client in using the breath to ground themselves safely in their body during emotional, physical releases and spiritual insights.' This leads to encouragement to have the client use Re birthing methods independently.'

Take a breathe, and another, and another - connect the inhale with the exhale -- feel your body, feel your feelings, let all the tension and negativity in your body go; then experience the flow of peace and relaxation within your body. If you have experienced all this and more, you have just completed a Re birthing session.

Re birthing is one of the fastest growing, most popular techniques in self-development in the world today. It is a personal growth process using a breathing technique called Conscious Connected Breathing. The aim is to gently clear out physical, mental and emotional blocks and stress, especially those arising from birth and early life experiences without reliving the experience.

Re birthing can be best described as the process by which we eliminate mental and emotional junk held in the physical body. It is also described as a technique which helps us break through the husk of old conditioning and suppressed patterns of energy, releasing us from the slavery of our past.


Leonard Orr - Interview

Therapeutic Breath work

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