Reiki Treatments in California
Reiki Treatments in California
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Reiki Treatments in California, US | Reiki Practitioner in CA | Healer & Reiki Consultant in California US.

Maala A Jhaam is a graduate of Bombay University, she studied Commerce and Accounting at college. However, since marriage and motherhood, her interests have drawn her into the field of complementary therapies.Her training began with Reiki and she earned her Masters qualification in 1999. In addition to the traditional Usui system, she is one of a very small number of healers in California who is trained in all the seven systems of Reiki. Internationally known healer and teacher, Simon Treselyan from the UK, steered her Reiki training She Provides awesome Reiki Treatment to everyone.

Maala A Jhaam is the only authorized Continuum Movement faculty member in Middle East,Asia and Africa. She has trained directly with Emilie Conrad, founder of Continuum Movement.

Maala A Jhaam one of the best Reiki Consultant and Healer is now eager to share the fruits of all her learning about Reiki globally and is committed to creating health and healing within and around.

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