Crystal Healing: This technique involves placing crystals of the appropriate color and energy at corresponding chakra points on the human body to augment healing. Correct placing of the crystals both cleanses and energizes the chakras. In this method, the healer is simply a channel for passing on positive energy. It is the patient who is responsible for accepting the healing.

Have a look at almost any clock or watch and you will see the word quartz written on it. That is because there is a piece of quartz inside vibrating at a specific rate, never any faster nor slower. This is where your watch or clock gets it's timing. Different crystals however vibrate at different rates. Scientists have long known, that at the atomic level, everything is energy. Light to dark, it's all vibration. They also know one vibration will always effect another. For example, a tuning fork that is tuned to a C, when struck will cause the piano string that is tuned to the same frequency "C" to vibrate or "co-vibrate", without even touching it, while leaving other strings dormant. Crystals can be viewed as a vibrating tuning fork that when placed next to certain "dormant" energy fields within the body will tend to activate a vibrational response.

Over the ages crystals have been found to carry vibrations that stimulate certain energy Centers within our electromagnetic systems that are in constant motion within our very bodies. As we have a circulatory system we so to have a vibrational system. This has been well documented and researched by such eastern sciences as Yoga, or most popular acupuncture. This is where crystals come in to the picture. Crystals vibrate at different rates, thus having the ability to effect our entire bodies systems. An example of this is if you place a Quartz Crystal which has its own electromagnetic charge on the nape of your neck (a spinal fluid reservoir called the medulla oblongata) This has the effect of charging the electromagnetic properties of the spinal fluid achieving such results as clearer, faster, communication between the nervous system and the brain.

There are a number of different ways to interface with these gifts from the earth. You may lay them on different areas of your body such as the acupuncture points. This enables the crystals to interact with your electromagnetic system.

Introduction to Crystal Healing

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