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Healing myself is my purpose here on Earth,

As I continue unfolding and becoming awake,

A tenderness enters my wounded heart-That has felt pain
and joy,-One that has felt fears and now knows courage.

" As a healer, it is this consciousness I bring to my clients."

My longing is to empower you men, women and children

To reach within and discover the amazing being that resides within you and me.

Maala A Jhaam

Dear fellow travellers,

Welcome to my website. I greet you and humbly honour you with loving kindness. I am here to support you as you choose to embark on your healing journey. My healing journey continues to unfold as I assist you.

Healing is a deepening into understanding of self. It enables us to experience inner peace, kindness and happiness on our individual life journey. This can be extremely rewarding as it benefits our physical, mental and emotional states and thus brings about well being in every phase of our life. It can lead us to a greater ability to enjoy the beauty that exists here on Earth.

It is indeed, a life changing process when you make a commitment to your own inner and outer transformation.Healing helps us become aware and awake and a sense of freedom unfolds as we stay committed and dedicated to continuing with the healing sessions. As we continue working on ourselves we can partake of the gifts we have already been given.

As a healer, who works with many modalities, I am here to support you and hold your hand just the way my teachers and fellow classmates held mine. I am who I am today because my relationship to myself has deepened with kindness and compassion. My own healing journey has enriched, nurtured and nourished my soul. I have learnt and continue to learn to embrace myself with kindness.

The healing journey I can help you with will be unique to you. I have many skills at my finger tips but what I have that is unique is the fact that I am dedicated to continuing on my own healing path. It is truly in knowing who we are that we can help others do the same. I request you to stay the course with your on-going sessions to become the awakened self.


Blessings on your path,

Maala A Jhaam


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