Awakening your light body

Your light body is an energy body that exists at a higher level, close to soul. There are ten centers of power that make up the light body: seven vibrational energy body centers and three light body centers.

They open higher frequencies of consciousness, activate deeper insight and vision and create a new reality, integrate and align your mind and emotions and finally, help you enter new dimensions of joy and understanding.


• Are you finding even simple things burdensome or difficult to accomplish?

• Are you feeling on edge, frustrated or annoyed, having less patience?

• Are you being annoyed by simple problems or the way other people behave?

The above are all signs showing that you are stressed and it’s time to start doing something about it. The body reacts to stress via the nervous system and the hormone adrenaline. There are three types of symptoms:-

  1. Physical symptoms, i.e. sensations, feelings…
  2. Cognitions, i.e. mental images, thoughts (e.g. worrying about health, about 'something terrible will happen', being afraid). And Emotions (e.g. embarrassment, anger, fear).
  3. Behavior (e.g. avoiding, running away, escaping, freezing, rushing, increased eating/smoking/ alcohol use). These reactions can maintain the anxiety by creating 'vicious circles' that perpetuate fear….

    Meditation is a way to calm the mind and soothe the spirit in an effort to find your inner peace. Meditation allows you to acquire the important skill of ATTENTION. Through meditation, you can become connected to the universal energy that grounds all of nature.

Meditation is a three step process that leads to a state of consciousness that brings serenity, clarity, and bliss. As depicted in the first illustration, our "normal" state of mind is actually quite abnormal. We receive sensory stimuli and react in a completely uncontrolled way (although we tell ourselves we have great control). We bounce from one thought to another and follow with our emotional and physical reactions. The same thought can bring about diametrically opposite reactions at different times. For instance, we may see a dog and then start a thought process that reminisces about a pet dog we once had and loved. Emotionally, we then start feeling all warm and cuddly; physically, we feel very relaxed. Another time, we may see the same dog and fear it may attack us and start thinking paranoid thoughts, get fearful and uptight physically.

The second illustration demonstrates Concentration. This is the first step in Meditation and is the start of gaining control over the mind and thereby life. The procedure is deceptively simple and seems like it would be very easy to do, but there are few tasks more difficult to master. The idea is to pick an object/subject to place your attention on and then to focus exclusively on it without diversion. An example of this would be if you decided to focus on love. To start, you would relax your body, sit in a comfortable position, calm your emotions and begin repeating the word "love" over and over. The problem is that your mind has been your master your whole life and won't easily relinquish its position. To trick you back into obedient slavery, your mind will divert your attention, often by giving you a tantalizingly interesting distraction. It usually goes something like this: You're sitting there repeating love, love, love when your mind suddenly adds "I love candy. They sell the candy I love at the 7-11 up the road. I can get into my car and drive there and get that candy. I know it will be delicious when I bite into it ..." and so there you are --- instead of concentrating on love, you're eating an imaginary candy bar at a 7-11. What you are supposed to do is to witness your being distracted and return to concentrating on the object of your meditation. Concentration is well worth persevering in and ultimately liberating, spectacular and a blessing.

The third illustration depicts Meditation. Here we have unbroken attention. The classic description of the difference between Concentration and Meditation is given in the example of pouring oil from a bottle into a bowl. At first the oil drips out a drop at a time. This is concentration. Then the oil comes out in a steady stream. This unbroken pouring out is Meditation. If you really examine the process closer, you would notice that when the oil was coming out drop by drop, each drop caused a splash and the droplets of the splashing can be considered analogous to the distractions that interrupt our concentration. Once the stream starts becoming steady it flows effortlessly. Similarly, when Concentration flows into Meditation, the attention paid to the object of Meditation becomes deeper and deeper effortlessly and spontaneously, true knowledge about the object presents itself.

Meditation is a way to calm the mind and soothe the spirit in an effort to find your inner peace. Meditation means different things to different people and there is no right or wrong way. The important thing and one of the main achievements during meditation, is to switch off and dissociate from the physical world allowing your mind to rest and recuperate.

Meditation allows you to acquire the important skill of ATTENTION.
By "training" your mind, you can learn to control the constant brain chatter that creates stress and static in your life. Through meditation, you can become connected to the universal energy that grounds all of nature.

Benefits of Meditation
Psychological Benefits

  • Increased brain wave coherence. Harmony of brain wave activity in different parts of the brain is associated with greater creativity, improved moral reasoning, and higher IQ.
  • Decreased anxiety.
  • Decreased depression.
  • Decreased irritability and moodiness.
  • Improved learning ability and memory.
  • Increased self-actualization.
  • Increased feelings of vitality and rejuvenation.
  • Increased happiness.
  • Increased emotional stability.

How Do I Get Started?
It is best to ensure that for the duration your meditation time you will not be disturbed. It is best to choose a place where you feel relaxed. Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight. This could be on cushions on the floor or simply a favorite chair with your feet firmly on the floor. Start by closing your eyes and take a few deep breaths, then focus on the gentle flow of air in your lungs as you breathe in and then out. Let your attention rest on each breath, one at a time and feel yourself slowly begin to relax.

What if my mind wanders while meditating?
We are often so restless and preoccupied that our minds cannot stay still for longer than a few moments, however, regular practice cultivates an ongoing relationship with the mind. If your mind starts to wander, do not be concerned, simply notice what has captured your attention then let it go and return your awareness to either your breath or words within the Guided Meditation.

How Often Should I Meditate?
If you can, try to establish a daily routine. A time for yourself where you can fully relax and unwind. Try to pick a set time and place for your meditations. You will find you will soon look forward to these occasions! There is no substitute for regular practice, when you will begin to experience the deep inner calm of your own true nature and most importantly, you will begin to develop the ability to sustain these experiences in your everyday life.

What Will I Experience During Meditation?
Everyone has very different experiences during meditation, but whatever is experienced will be right for you in that particular moment. Some people experience waves of sleepiness, boredom, anxiety, happiness, anger, indeed the full range of human emotions. Sometimes however you will tap into a wellspring of total peace and inner calm as if time itself has stood still. Colours or images may arise or you may find yourself replaying old memories. It is not so much the practice of sitting in meditation that matters but rather how you relate to what is happening and the state of mind you are in after meditation; that calm centered state you can prolong in your daily life.

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