Long Distance Healing

"Scores of controlled studies have demonstrated the correlation of positive mental intent with physiological effects in distant human beings."
Larry Dossey, M.D.

We are vibrational beings, completely immersed and interconnected in a simultaneous, holographic, multidimensional universe. Our thoughts are things, and our clear, positive thoughts are powerful agents of change. Whenever any one of us holds a clear intent for the highest good of someone or something, that good happens, immediately, on a causal level. The life energies we work with in Brennan Healing Science® exist on this causal level, thus are free from the space and time limitations physical objects are subject to. As a result, the shifts and changes that occur during sessions are effective and are in no way diminished by physical distance between the practitioner and the client, as is evidenced in many scientific studies, including those mentioned in the article by Larry Dossey.

"Through the healing experience, people gain a much greater respect and trust for their own inner knowing."
Dr. Barbara Brennan

Sessions are done over the phone, the first session is 60 minutes in length and will include a Health Intake Interview and the follow-up sessions may run up to 50 minutes.



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Long Distance Healing 1 Hour

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